Monday, January 19, 2009

Here we go...

This is how defenders are used to seeing #86 too - backwards, upside down, and every which way, because he just knocked them on their heiny...and caught the ball with the *other* hand.
This is not Jim. This is Jesse in 20 years.

I love my crazy in-laws!! Black and Gold runs in the family. I am so proud of the Steelers, and extra, extra proud of my #43 jersey. See you in Tampa guys!!

Friday, January 02, 2009

Blast from the Past

The arrival of a new year always makes me reflect on the past 12 months. Where have I been, what have I done, how have I been spending my time. Do the activities that filled my calendar over the past year line up with the values and the principles that I believe in? Have I drawn closer to God this year, or have I allowed circumstances to create distance between us?

2008 was a hard year for a lot of people, us included. But I know I pressed hard toward God this year. And even though it was painful in a lot of ways, it was also one of the most fruitful seasons of personal change I can remember. So, I say that 2008 was a GREAT year, despite its hardships, because I am closer to God than I was this time last year, by far. And that is what matters to me more than anything else. If I can say the same thing next year, then 2009 will be a GREAT year as well!

And so, in keeping with my reflective attitude, how about a little trip down Memory Lane? I thought you might enjoy some old pictures of the girls, in no particular order. I have been looking at old pictures all morning, and here are some of my favorites. I labeled them since they looked so much alike when they were babies. Please to enjoy:

Madeline, circa 1 year

Me, Madeline, and my Grandmother, Madeline circa 3 months

Madeline c. 11 months

Natalie 22 months, Madeline 2 weeks

Natalie c. age 2

Madeline c. 3 months

Natalie c. age 2

Baby Sisters.
(Natalie just turned 2, Madeline is 2 months.)

Love at First Sight.
(Natalie is 21 months, Madeline is 1 day.)
These two are the most precious little gifts any parent could ever have the honor and privilege of receiving. They radiate love and joy and expect it in return. I understand the heart of God toward me better than ever because they are in my life. I want to know Him even more so that they will know Him more as well. I love being their mom.

My prayer is that you will fill your 2009 with people and activities that draw you closer to Jesus!!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Grandpap's Visit

Jim came to town for a few days to celebrate Christmas with us! Here are some highlights. :)

Jesse, randomly harassing Big Ben.

Rooney Doodle and Grandpap, gettin' cozy.

Not to be left out, Big Ben moves in for some lovin' too. You know what they say...

...give and thou shalt receive.

The Dance of the Four-Legged Ballerina!

Big Ben, sitting on the sofa and watching TV like one of the gang.

And finally, here are the girls modeling some of their new Christmas presents. We had a great visit with Grandpap and I wish someone would invent a real teleporter so we could see all our far away family much more often. :)