Friday, September 28, 2007

A frog!

I'm sure you all remember that Baby's nickname when she was, er, a baby, was "Frog." Please to enjoy the following...We have these little sticky-toed frogs all over our house because of the bugs that the window candles draw. It's like a smorgasboard for them, and so at night you can see them walking and hopping along on the windows from the inside. In the morning, this little guy was sitting out in plain sight. My guess is that he has learned a valuable lesson.Rooney was more interested in blowing bubbles.We released him back into the wild :) Actually baby threw him in the pond, and the goldfish tried to eat him, so he jumped out. I don't think we'll be seeing Mr. Froggy back on the porch for a while, and he probably didn't have anything nice to say about his stay with us to his little sticky-toed buddies, either.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Still Catching Up

Procrastinating questions on theistic evolution, actually. I would much rather be creating a new diaper cake I have in mind!! But I have school work that has to get done at some point, and the girls are in bed, so it's about as quiet as it gets around here. But do I go to the computer and just get my school work done?! NoooooOOOOOOoooooo, I put laundry in, take laundry out and fold it, put dishes away, reload dishwasher, threaten dog with his life if he doesn't stop barking at nothing, straighten the perpetually disheveled sofa and living room, check email, (at one point, I did open my textbook,) take second load of laundry out and fold it, wipe down bathroom floor (it had baby soap squirted on it,) put another load of clothes in, and start dishwasher. Still not able to concentrate on school, so I spend half an hour promoting the website. Then I check the blog to see if anyone's commented on the pictures I posted *last* night when I was procrastinating school. No luck. Not that I blame anyone, since it's been a coon's age since I put new pictures up. But since I was here....after this I will get my work done. Honest engine. Unless the clothes are dry....Jesse got this massive inflatable water slide for the girls and set it up the same day we were working on the pond and the new landscaping. Natalie must have gone up and down that thing 700 times. She was unstoppable, laughing her butt off the whole time. We did not get Rooney to slide even once. Not once. In fact, when I tried to carry her up at one point and just slide her down, she went into convulsive nuclear meltdown, and so I decided to leave well enough *the hell alone*. If she was perfectly content to stand at the bottom of the slide and watch Baby come down, cracking up hysterically every time, then hunky dory. The only reason she's even wet in these pics is from Natalie's splashes. Big Ben was close by keeping a watchful eye on all the fun, taking the occasional drink from the slide, and barking at the splashes Natalie made at the bottom. Notice his black nose in the picture. I think he wanted a turn.

A good time was had by all, and Natalie was asleep before she even got near the pillow. Out like disco, and slept like a rock. We have to get that slide out again before the weather starts to cool off. You know, in January.

Playing catch-up

All right folks, as many of you know, I am up to my eyeballs with school, the baby shower gifts business, and two little girls. And one enormous dog. I know you are a sweet bunch of people, but the truth is you don't really want to see pictures of diaper cakes, but pictures of the girls. Right? And I have really dropped the ball lately! So here you go, our entire Summer in ten pictures or less!! I know you are in no danger of forgetting where to go if you need an adorable and unique baby shower gift, right? Good. Just checking.We re-did the pond, and Jesse put in some new landscaping to cover the barren wasteland that was up against the rock garden. The people who owned the house before us had let the leaves pile up for years, and they had smothered the grass. Looks much better in person, I had a hard time finding a good spot to stand in to get a picture without a hickory tree right in the middle of it.

Look at BabyBug's face. Priceless.
We spent a week in Wilmington at Jim & Sharon's, and Jamie and Bill were there with their daughters too. Natalie and Madeline had an absolute blast at the beach. All Rooney wanted to do was play in the water, which surprised me, because Natalie is usually the fearless one, Madeline, the more cautious. I hadn't figured out at the time how to get my camera to take more than 7 pictures, or I would have taken more. I wish I had gotten a few of the girls with Jamie and Bill. Phooey.

Every time I photograph a new diaper cake, Baby Bug appears almost instantaneously on the scene, conveniently dressed up like a princess, and wants her picture taken too. In about 90% of the pictures on the website, there is a tiny princess lurking just barely off-camera, and I can't tell you how many diaper cake pictures I've had to delete because the tiny princess pirouetted through the picture.

Matching outfits, courtesy of Grammy. I took about a dozen pictures, and I'm tempted to post them all, so you can all laugh at the faces the girls made while I tried everything to convince them to stand still and say cheese. They were having none of it, but I did the best I could!