Saturday, September 01, 2007

Still Catching Up

Procrastinating questions on theistic evolution, actually. I would much rather be creating a new diaper cake I have in mind!! But I have school work that has to get done at some point, and the girls are in bed, so it's about as quiet as it gets around here. But do I go to the computer and just get my school work done?! NoooooOOOOOOoooooo, I put laundry in, take laundry out and fold it, put dishes away, reload dishwasher, threaten dog with his life if he doesn't stop barking at nothing, straighten the perpetually disheveled sofa and living room, check email, (at one point, I did open my textbook,) take second load of laundry out and fold it, wipe down bathroom floor (it had baby soap squirted on it,) put another load of clothes in, and start dishwasher. Still not able to concentrate on school, so I spend half an hour promoting the website. Then I check the blog to see if anyone's commented on the pictures I posted *last* night when I was procrastinating school. No luck. Not that I blame anyone, since it's been a coon's age since I put new pictures up. But since I was here....after this I will get my work done. Honest engine. Unless the clothes are dry....Jesse got this massive inflatable water slide for the girls and set it up the same day we were working on the pond and the new landscaping. Natalie must have gone up and down that thing 700 times. She was unstoppable, laughing her butt off the whole time. We did not get Rooney to slide even once. Not once. In fact, when I tried to carry her up at one point and just slide her down, she went into convulsive nuclear meltdown, and so I decided to leave well enough *the hell alone*. If she was perfectly content to stand at the bottom of the slide and watch Baby come down, cracking up hysterically every time, then hunky dory. The only reason she's even wet in these pics is from Natalie's splashes. Big Ben was close by keeping a watchful eye on all the fun, taking the occasional drink from the slide, and barking at the splashes Natalie made at the bottom. Notice his black nose in the picture. I think he wanted a turn.

A good time was had by all, and Natalie was asleep before she even got near the pillow. Out like disco, and slept like a rock. We have to get that slide out again before the weather starts to cool off. You know, in January.

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grammie said...

excellent pics.....the girls are growing so fast...they are so beautiful...we miss them so much
and ben is HUGE. kisses and hugs to all....