Friday, February 20, 2009


Happy Belated Valentines Day! ;)

Lots of love.....

...and kisses!!!

Another First!

Just when I thought the "firsts" were over - a new round of milestones is hitting...first day of Kindergarten, first loose tooth, and now, first lost tooth and first visit from the Tooth Fairy. *Sigh.* Next thing I know it will be first day of High School. It's going faster than I ever imagined possible.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Unicorn ride

Okay people!!! I have a lot to catch up on, to say the very least! So we are going to take this one day and one backlogged folder of adorable pictures at a time, mm-kay?

Jesse *might* have fibbed and told the girls that he knew where the Last Unicorn was living out her days in retirement...without her horn, of course. Not sure they bought it or not, but here they are, at Kevin and Mandy's stable, riding Merlin, the sweetest of all sweet retired show horses. (Kevin and Mandy are world-class champions and you should have seen their trophy room.) They were practicing that morning and were kind enough to let the girls go for a ride.

They were absolutely thrilled to be riding that horse. Not since the rodeo have I seen such pure joy on their little faces, and they would have stayed there and ridden Merlin ALL DAY.

We had to think of something to tear them away, and so Jesse promised more unicorn rides later that evening. And that isn't the kind of promise they were about to let him forget!
You have never heard such a cacophony of laughter, thumps, bumps, and giddy-yups as they chased Big Ben through the upstairs (he played the Red Bull.) Thanks to this man (er, noble steed) there is never a dull moment around here. His creativity amazes me and our girls are very lucky to have him for a dad.