Monday, September 28, 2009

How to...

...find out for sure who *REALLY* reads your blog.....

We are expecting #3 early next summer!! We did not expect this AT ALL but of course we are thrilled. Getting to tell the girls was a lot of fun too, because they are old enough to understand (5 & 7) and they were SO excited. So are we! ;)

Duck house

This morning when we walked out the door to take Baby to school we were greeted by a surprise...

Two freshly-laid ducky eggs resting in two different spots in the grass. This meant we could wait no longer...the little critters needed a place to build a nest.

Since we are lucky enough to have a farm supply yard just 3 miles from our house, I just popped in there on the way home from dropping Baby Bug off. We came home with a bale of mulch hay lashed to the Jeep (I love my Jeep) and this:

Isn't it perfect?! I think our little feathered friends will be very cozy in there. It was also HEAVY!!
This is the male (you can tell by the curly feather sticking up from his bum.) He has been positioning himself between us and the female, who has been keeping her distance lately. (You can see her behind him under the Japanese Maple.) They are both very sweet but the male will walk right up to me and let me rub his belly sometimes.
I love my Jeep. :)
It only took like 1/10 of the hay I bought, so we got way too much. Maybe we'll spread some grass seed and thatch it. (No way, the ducks would eat it.) I picked up the eggs and snuggled them down in the dry, sweet-smelling hay. From what I have read, the female will lay 1-2 eggs per day but she won't sit on them until she is done laying. That way, they will all hatch at the same time. Who knows, we might have ducklings in about 6 weeks. All we need now is a heifer tied to the front porch and maybe an old car on blocks in the grass. :)

I will keep you posted and take lots of pictures. Hope your day is full of sweet little surprises! :)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

LOL courtesy of BabyBug

Jim was in town to help Jesse with a work project, and on the day before he left they took the girls fishing. Jesse recounted this story to me the next day. :)

After several hours out on the boat, they decided to head home. Once the boat was back on the trailer at the launch, BabyBug said she had to go potty. They pulled the truck into the "No Parking" zone in front of the launch to free up the launch. Jesse was tying down fishing poles in the boat while Baby went around the side of the truck out of the line of sight of any approaching traffic to tinkle in the woods. GrandPap stood nearby with his back turned. :) After just a few seconds, Baby came running back from behind the truck and said, "GrandPap, I can't go potty here! The sign says NO PEE!!"