Wednesday, September 16, 2009

LOL courtesy of BabyBug

Jim was in town to help Jesse with a work project, and on the day before he left they took the girls fishing. Jesse recounted this story to me the next day. :)

After several hours out on the boat, they decided to head home. Once the boat was back on the trailer at the launch, BabyBug said she had to go potty. They pulled the truck into the "No Parking" zone in front of the launch to free up the launch. Jesse was tying down fishing poles in the boat while Baby went around the side of the truck out of the line of sight of any approaching traffic to tinkle in the woods. GrandPap stood nearby with his back turned. :) After just a few seconds, Baby came running back from behind the truck and said, "GrandPap, I can't go potty here! The sign says NO PEE!!"


Michael said...

Cute cute cute cute cute.
Is she gifted or what???
Our soon to be 7 year old thinks more clearly than some seventh graders I know.

Michelle said...

LOLOLOL so funny! Love it!

Jerry Menard said...

This is great, children say the most wonderful things.