Friday, September 28, 2007

A frog!

I'm sure you all remember that Baby's nickname when she was, er, a baby, was "Frog." Please to enjoy the following...We have these little sticky-toed frogs all over our house because of the bugs that the window candles draw. It's like a smorgasboard for them, and so at night you can see them walking and hopping along on the windows from the inside. In the morning, this little guy was sitting out in plain sight. My guess is that he has learned a valuable lesson.Rooney was more interested in blowing bubbles.We released him back into the wild :) Actually baby threw him in the pond, and the goldfish tried to eat him, so he jumped out. I don't think we'll be seeing Mr. Froggy back on the porch for a while, and he probably didn't have anything nice to say about his stay with us to his little sticky-toed buddies, either.

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