Sunday, February 11, 2007

Big Ben

He's getting big! He had his 9 week check at the vet Friday, and he is 23 lbs. It's getting harder to pick him up, the little meatball. Natalie is starting to get attached to him, whereas when we first brought him home she would run for the hills anytime he was out of his crate. Now she's taking him in her room for hours at a time, (hence the sleeping laundry rat) and bringing him down every so often to go out. You should hear her try to whistle to get him to go back upstairs with her. She can't actually whistle, so it sounds like a very high pitched "Woo-Hoo!" He is the sweetest little thing. Loves his belly rubbed and loves to eat the girls stuffed animals, particularly their little stuffed lions for some reason.

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