Monday, December 24, 2007

The Great Cupcake

Jesse took Big Ben out on his fishing boat the other day. Before they left, Jesse put Ben in one of his long-sleeve thermal shirts, and then a Steeler jersey on top of that. The big weenie was still cold, so by the time they got home, he had him bundled up in his work jacket. Jesse said he was shivering, but then when he put him in the jacket he stopped and started trotting around the boat woofing at birds onshore. Hilarious. He really seemed to enjoy the coat, which is *super* soft and warm. Perfect for a Giant Cupcake.


Anonymous said...

yes, definitely a "giant" cupcake..
and yes, he's a jesse DOG... and only jesse would put the coat that mom washed on him. LOL. he has to be the cutest DOG i've ever seen.
the ears, that tail...oh my goodness.... and he sits so proud.
you just gotta-lov-him...
grammie xoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

I want a Dane!!! Good pictures to show Bill and convince him that we NEED one.

Miss Yuns Guys. Gotta go cruise da Mall at Beaver Valley...home of the Chevy Cavalier. Luv, Jamie