Tuesday, May 06, 2008

What. A crummy. Day.

I basically did everything but stand on my head today to get work done before my UPS pickup, and still didn't make it. Had to drive a dozen boxes half an hour across town. Stopped for diapers on the way home - and they forgot to order them this week. They had *2 cases.* So I will have to go back tomorrow, and doubt I have even enough to make all the orders that need to go out tomorrow. Stopped for Burt's Bees at another store - and they haven't ordered them.

I just stood there with my mouth open. I must have asked them to place that order half a dozen times in the last 3 weeks. I am out of those now and will have to buy them retail to hold me over until my regular order comes in. If they manage to place it, that is.

Got home to see that someone wants an order overnighted, but wants it with a larger size diaper than I usually use. I'd love to tell her no, but don't want her to cancel her order. After taking care of a couple of things around the house (feeding the girls, unloading & reloading dishwasher, etc.) it is now about 10:30pm, but I really have no choice (not true, I'm just making more problems for myself at this point.) So I load the girls into the Jeep thinking I will just make a quick run to Ingles for 2 packs of size 2 diapers....

...and get pulled over ****AT THE INGLES STOPLIGHT!!!!**** For expired tags. They are 5 days past their expiration. Did he write me a ticket? What do you think. Did I try to explain that I work 16 hour days and that this just BARELY slipped through the cracks? Do I try to explain that I still have to work until 4 or 5am when I get home and that an $80 ticket is going to completely cancel out this late-night supply run AND probably the whole night's work??!!

No. I don't. Because he didn't ask. He just took his sweet time writing me a ticket, and said, "Sign here." And then, "Drive safe." I found that very irritating, but then, I can't imagine there is anything a policeman could possibly say after writing me a ticket that would sound even remotely sincere. And hey, at least I'm already in the Ingles parking lot, so I may as well finish my errand.

It is now 12:30 and the girls are in bed. I have at least 6 hours worth of work that needs to be done, which will be for nothing. And a very sick feeling in my stomach that things need very much to change.


Eric and Michelle said...

sorry it was such a rough one Leah. Did everything get done?

Oldhops said...

Ugg thats sounds like a can't get any worse day. This may be a dumb question, but what is it you do with Diapers?

Anonymous said...

Follow the link in my blogroll that says "baby shower gifts."

And update your blog!!!!!

Oldhops said...

Thats really cool....yeah i am going to update the blog soon and get it rolling. I have a wedding this weekend, but I will try and do something at the beginning of the week. Have a great weekend. Are you on facebook?