Friday, October 31, 2008

Natalie's Birthday Party!

I know, I know, it's been nearly a month. Better late than never people!!!

Here, we have set the stage and the kids were starting to trickle in. It took a couple of hours for everyone to arrive, during which time the moms chatted comfortably under the welcome shade of the tent my wonderful husband set up. Jesse planned the party, decorated the outside, set *everything* up, got the cake and the party plates, and even invited a very special guest....

...who showed up about halfway thru the party....
...and a dozen *terrified* children piled into the bounce house in abject, giddy disbelief... Greg tried to coax the youngsters out by demonstration that Shrek was, in fact, not going to eat them, but only arrived to play.
Once they warmed up to him, Shrek was lots of fun!
He led everybody on a hunt for candy...
...and bravely held the Donkey pinata while everybody took a swing (or five).
A beautiful cake, fit for a beautiful Princess' 6th birthday!

Shrek couldn't stay for cake! But Natalie got a goodbye hug and so did a few other brave souls!

Too bad that Jesse was inside wrapping presents while Shrek was here and missed the whole thing!!! ;)

Opening presents - I love the freshly-flung tissue paper, still hanging in mid-air while Natalie goes for the goods.And of course, it isn't a real party until someone passes out....

We all had a blast, thanks to Jesse who orchestrated the entire affair, booked Shrek :), entertained a dozen little tykes for 2 hours straight, and was the reason Natalie had a very special day of memories to celebrate her 6th birthday! My husband is the shizzle-finizzle.

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Eric and Michelle said...

Wow looks like a wonderful shin dig. Very Cool! Way to go Jesse.