Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My Man Caught A(nother) Monster

Yup. That, folks, is one HUGE striper. 34" long. We have decided that that is Jesse's lucky fishing shirt. I am married to one very versatile outdoorsman - he has brought home deer this season as well (but I deemed the pics a bit too graphic for our family-friendly blog), as well as a large black tip shark last year. I think Jesse would tell you that on almost any given day, his body might be in Georgia but his heart is fishing 50 miles from shore in the ocean.

All this and he cooks too. We have had fresh fish and 20 lbs. of deer jerky in the last month. I heart my hunky hubby. :)


Eric and Michelle said...

That is HUGE and amazing! Way to go Jesse!!!!!!!

Jennifer said...

OMG! Now that's a fish! Pretty impressive. jenn