Saturday, March 21, 2009


My dad and Shelia were here in December for a visit and we took the girlies to visit the GA Aquarium. It is the largest in the world and absolutely fascinating. I was unprepared for how much I was going to enjoy it - not to mention the girls! We had a blast and I have had these pictures on CD for 3 months!! So without further ado, here are some of the highlights of our day at the aquarium. :)
Me and my Dad, who took most of the incredible pictures you are about to see!

I love the way the light in this picture makes us look like we're underwater. This tunnel had a conveyor belt that we stood on and it just rolled us along the corridor while we oohed and aahed at the creatures swimming over us.

This was one of my favorite tanks - the glass was floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall, and it had to have been at least 20 feet high and probably 50 feet wide. It was like being on the ocean floor and there were HUNDREDS of different kinds of fish, sharks, and whales swimming by constantly. This is the room where they allow adult sleep-overs - you can actually rent the room for a night and your group can bring in sleeping bags and sleep on the floor by the glass. I though that sounded a little silly until I was actually in the room, and it was so peaceful and tranquil just sitting there watching the fish swim by. I can totally understand how amazing it would be to sleep there.

We got to actually reach in and touch these little critters. The girls *loved* this. I expected them to be slimy, but they were actually sticky. Very cool.

This was in the River exhibit. The baby alligators were just as interested in looking at us as we were in looking at them.

Takin' a break. :)

Another awesome tank, filled with jellyfish. They are so incredible and complex up close.

This was the first fish tank as we walked in, and it was hard to tear ourselves away to go see the rest of the exhibits. It reminded me of the coral reef where Nemo lived with his dad in the beginning of the movie! SO bright and colorful.

This ENORMOUS sea otter stole the show. He was TOO adorable. I had no idea these critters were so big. He was about the size of a seal.

I couldn't believe the huge diversity of fish they had on display. Thousands of species, and they were all so different. God is an incredible Creator.


Yeah. I'm gorgeous.

Hammerhead shark, obviously. I wish you could get an idea of how massive that thing really was. Definitely not something you want to see this close-up in the wild.

On the way out, we stopped in the gift shop. As Shelia and I and the girls were checking out, Dad started chatting with a security guard.

Dad: "So, is it usually this crowded?"
Guard: "Oh no. This is our busiest week of the year."

Nice. We had no idea that we were battling RECORD crowds for the week! We will definitely have to go back some time on a random weekday when the place is deserted. Baby Bug can skip school. :) What a great trip it was. If you have a chance to visit Atlanta, don't miss it!

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What Fun! You look beautiful. Great pictures!