Monday, December 21, 2009

Jenga Night with the Girlies

In the surreal-ness of having so few cakes to do in the glorious, glorious month of December, I am able to do fun things with the girlies that I don't usually have time for.  It struck me that we used to play Jenga in Bible college, and I set out to find the game locally for the girls.  I couldn't stand to wait and give it to the them for Christmas. :)

Sure enough, Target had just, one, left!  Yay!  And I think it was $10!!  Even better.  I feared that the girls might be a little young for it, but I should have known better - they loved it.  And so, for your viewing pleasure, here is my Jenga Photo Journal from the other night. :)



This last shot is a gem.  Baby was pulling out a block that I knew was going to doom the tower, so instead of rescuing her, I just sat there with my camera at the ready.  I wish I had waited about another half second to push the button, but the look on her face is awesome.

I think this was Friday night.  On Saturday morning I awoke to the loud sound of a Jenga tower crashing down on the dining room table, along with one little voice giggling and another saying, "Aw, maaaaan."  I'm so glad that Baby is home from school for two whole weeks.  They are such little treasures. :)

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Michael said...

These are priceless. Especially the mad scientist look on M's face right before the blocks fell. "Of course I didn't wiggle the table. . . waa haa haa!
Thanks for sharing the fun stuff.
Merry Christmas to all.