Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Big Ben

I never would have guessed that a puppy could be so easy to train. We are so thrilled with this little snuggle rat. It's just like having a new baby in the house. He wakes up, goes out to potty, comes in and eats, goes back outside, plays for half an hour or so, then heads for his crate and crashes out for an hour or two. Then we do it all over again. The crate training has been perfect, I have never had a puppy that did not "go" in the house. This is just a dream.

Jesse has been letting him sleep on his lap on the sofa for short periods. Today, after play time, I noticed he headed right for the sofa and tried to jump up (he didn't make it, he's too small.) The thing is, that won't be true for much longer, and a 200 lb. dog (scroll down) takes up a whole sofa. I want to train him to stay off the furniture from the very beginning, so I guess he's not the only one who needs some training!

I have a feeling we are going to be Dane owners for life. I've never been around a puppy who was so low-key, gentle, and easy to train. We are hooked.

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