Friday, January 19, 2007

We have a new baby!

Announcing the arrival of......

........BIG BEN!!!

Ben is a Great Dane pup. His dad, Homer, is 200 lbs, and his mom, Jasmine, is 165. He is 6 weeks old today, and he is 16lbs. He was the only male fawn in the litter. We are falling fast for our new addition. He spent the drive home (about 2.5 hours) perched on Jesse's shoulders! He crawled up his arm, and nestled between Jesse's head and the headrest, and crashed right out. It was adorable, and we were kicking ourselves for not having the camera. We will keep lots of pictures up as he grows, everyone tells us he will be about the size of a Doberman at 5 months, then he'll hit his first real "growth spurt" about 10 months.


Anonymous said...

he is a "bundle" of love. i guess we better get an addition on our house to accomadate him. LOL he will be HUGE. and what do i send him in my boxes to all of you.
congrats....he'll be a joy to all of you as he grows.
lov u all, grammy

Michael said...

Wow, that's alot a WORM! or will be. I'm sorry to hear about Charlie, I had no idea.


KellyF said...

Why don't you put pics of you on here too silly!