Sunday, March 11, 2007

Big Ben

I think the little beast has sunbeam-induced narcolepsy! He never makes it through a sunbeam awake.

He was 13 weeks on Friday, and at the vet a week ago he was about 36 lbs. He has started barking at neighbors, etc., and I must say for a 3 month old puppy he has a pretty commanding bark, already. Jesse has been out of town for a couple of days and Ben has taken to sleeping under the desk (where I have spent most of my time the last month working on the website.) I even put an old throw blanket under there for him. The problem is, he isn't going to fit under there for much longer, and it's already getting uncomfortable for him. I've noticed him circling under there a couple of times and then coming out and "flumping" against the front of the desk instead, between me and the door.

I continue to be encouraged by his progress with training. He has been going to the door on his own whenever he wants to go out, and he hasn't had an accident in the house in quite some time, (except the other night after his bath, after I dried him off he went straight out into the hallway and widdled on the carpet - I think he was peeved at me.) That was an isolated incident though, and for the most part he is getting the hang of the whole house training thing. I can't wait to start teaching him some simple commands (sit, come, etc.) I am going to take your advice, Mom, and look around for a bell I can hang on the doorknob that he can ring when he wants out. Great idea.

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