Saturday, March 24, 2007


I won't mention any names, but someone is becoming quite the Guardian of the Front Porch. (Basically, he loves a sunbeam, and when he goes out in the morning, he just loves to come back and sit in the sun on the porch, watching the world go by, and threatening the occasional neighbor or squirrel with a quiet, slow, and not what I would call menacing "Rrrrr........woof.... (dramaticpause) .........rrrrrrrrr...........woof."

I try not to laugh, because he has quite the throaty little growl for a puppy, and one day when he is full grown I'm sure it will be enough to make anyone pause and think twice. But for now, it's just the most adorable little puppy "woof" I've ever heard. At 15 weeks, he is anything but scary, and were there any doubt in your mind as you approached aforementioned porch that you had anything to fear from said Guardian, I would venture a guess that all doubt would be alleviated after the second "woof," when the Scary Guardian tucked his tail and ran for the house sideways, so he could keep one eye on you in case he needed to issue any further scary "woofs." Which are just that much more terrifying after he bumps into the door jam because he was running sideways so he could keep one hairy eyeball on you, his cowering prey.

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Anonymous said...

he's huge....our "precious"
is about that big, full grown.
and he barks....
precious has never barked...
and when someone comes to the door
she is too busy "snoring" on the recliner to even notice.
does ben have a brother???
deb aka mum