Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Big Guy

Isn't he pretty? Despite his being a colossal pain in the heiny *most* of the time, I do love the dog. Except when he wakes me up by barfing in a corner of my bedroom, barks at the UPS driver so adamantly that he moves the entire rug, desk, and my laptop, tears through the office and catches my laptop cord, pulling it off the desk, walks through the house with an entire sofa cushion in his mouth, pulls the railing off the deck because his leader caught on it while he was after a bunny, poops on the driveway because the grass was just a little high for his taste (hey, who likes to be tickled while they poop?), insists on using the sink as his own personal drinking fountain while I'm trying to brush my teeth, and leaves what can only be described as "egg white slime" by the gallon on my kitchen floor when he drinks from his water bowl.

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Anonymous said...

It could have been worse, he could have gone drinking from the toilet, as our dog socks does. She is a ninety lb. pittbull, mostly chubby (like us), but with some muscle. She just doesn't have the height to reach the sink! What a truly awesome dog you all have.