Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Nursery pics!!

Okay, this has been a real work-in-progress for quite a while now.  But it was a nice rainy day on Saturday and I was all caught up on cakes, so I spent the whole day in the former guest room getting the crib put together and hanging up the cute little stuff we got to go on the walls.  I really love how it turned out. ♥♥♥

First, the BEFORE shot:
this was what our guest room looked like before we knew that the baby was on the way:
My Superhero hubby offered to do a total room makeover for me, because he is the BEST.  And he followed thru right away!!  This is the result!!
I think it is TOO CUTE for words.  Jesse hung the chair rail so we could paint it 2 different colors, and we chose a really light green and pink from the bedding set.  He even painted the whole thing because the paint warned that pregnant women should stay away from it (!!)  So lucky me, I got to sit back and watch the magic unfold.  (All I did was run some painters tape for him.)
We got a different kind of crib - the last one had a side rail that went up and down.  I noticed that a lot of the time I would wake up the sleeping baby by putting the side rail up...so this one doesn't move.  Isn't it pretty?

And here is the dresser which will double as a changing table when I get a changing pad to put on it.  I'm hoping this furniture will hold her until she is well into grade school.

Here's a close-up of the quilt, because I think it is so stinkin' adorable.  I even used the same clips that held up the comforter in the girls room (which, by the way, I saved for some reason?)  I was wondering this week why I held on to it, probably the same reason I love this one so much - it just reminds me of the girls when they were babies now and I hated to get rid of it.  But it turned out to be great because those little star-shaped comforter clips matched the previous quilt perfectly, and what do you know, they are perfect for this one too. :)
And finally we have the wall art above the dresser.  These were a challenge to hang because the picture holders on the back of them were not at the same level on each side!  So I had to make my holes in the wall correspondingly crooked, which made smoke come out of my ears.  But I love the way they go with the Princess & Frog / Fairy Tale themed bedding.  

Now I just want to go sit in there and soak up the cuteness!!  It is by far the girliest room I've ever put together, and I love that Jesse loves it too.  It is really only missing one important thing now:


And she will be here in less than 5 weeks.  Can you believe it?  I certainly can't.  She definitely has an adorable room waiting for her. :)

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Anonymous said...

what a beautiful nursery.... the colors and furniture choices are
wonderful, perfect for another
"princess"... debi