Sunday, April 25, 2010

Resident Superhero

Did you guys know I married a superhero?  He really, really is.  Easily the most capable and talented man I have ever met, and always willing to tackle the meanest, hairyest villian on the block. ♥

Our story begins with your typical disaster in need of a Superman.  The washing machine started pouring water out the bottom every time we started it.  Jesse lifted it up and looked under it - but couldn't find the leak.  We were saying it would be silly to spend $150 on a visit from the repair man when we could just go buy a new washing machine for a little more.  Since we had basically decided we were going to just get a new one, Jesse said, "I may as well take it apart and see if I can fix it."
And he did.  Took it completely apart.  At this point I thought he was mostly just exploring how the thing was put together and it was going to end up at the dump.  But then he ripped open his shirt revealing the blue and red emblem...

Just kidding.  But then he found the leaking part.  And it was 4:30 in the afternoon, but he went to the computer, Googled 'Whirlpool parts', found a dealer IN OUR TOWN (who was still open for an hour!!), drove down there and got the part for $40.

And then he replaced the part.  Pretty amazing in and of itself, because if we had called a repair guy we would have had to order the part, paid twice as much for it and then waited a week or two for it to come in.  (With no clothes washing going on in the meantime, I might add.)  This is when it gets handy to have a super hero in the house.  Not only did he get the new part installed and working...he put the whole machine back together. The SAME DAY he took it apart.  Perfectly, exactly the way it was, but with one exception - it doesn't pour water on the floor every time you turn it on anymore.

We've been using it for a week, and it is perfect.  I am so impressed that he was able to tackle this task (something he'd never done before) and totally nail it.  He saved us a huge repair bill, (and a long wait with no washer) or a huge bill for a new machine.  My hero.  ♥
 One little detail I forgot to mention - see the brown ring around the top of the wash basin?  That is DOG HAIR.  Shows you how much I wash the dog's bedding - but G-R-O-S-S!!!!  Jesse was also able to clean all that out, so it is like he cleaned and serviced the machine while he was at it.  He cleaned out some kind of weird build up in the hot water line too.  It is like having a brand new washing machine.

So go ahead and comment on what a lucky girl I am to be married to the most capable and super guy around.  Because I know you're thinking it. :)


Crystal said...

I already followed your blog. :) And you are right...Jesse is some sort of crazy super hero.:)

Anonymous said...

way-to-go jess....
" somebody said that it couldn't be done, but he with a chuckle reply...." lov u 2 1/

Mike said...

That's my Budddy! Always enjoyed playing the sidekick too!!!