Saturday, August 14, 2010

Madeline's first day of Kindergarten

Yes indeed, it has happened.  Another of our daughters has started school.
No one ever told me how emotional this would be.  I was completely unprepared to feel the lump in my throat rise up, again!!  Didn't I get this out of my system when Natalie started Kindergarten?
Watching her give her folder to Mrs. Lena and hang up her back pack, I was doing fine.  Proud of her, excited for her, blessed that we have the privilege of having her in such a fantastic school, with the same teacher Natalie had for Kindergarten.

This means the world to my sweet little Mini-Me.  She is cautious in her approach to new situations and it takes her a while to check out anything new and feel comfortable with it.

But since Natalie had Mrs. Lena, Madeline was with me every day to pick her up, and every single day, she saw Lena and said hello.
And Mrs. Lena would smile and say, "Hi Madeline!"

You might think that is small, but it was huge to Madeline.  And me. :)

So on her first day of Kindergarten, she looked comfortable, relaxed, and excited as if she was walking into her own birthday party.  Seeing her sitting at her desk, bright-eyed and smiling in anticipation, made it so much easier for me to walk out that door.
And then it happened.

Lena said to me, "No tears."

I smiled and said, "Oh, I'm fine!"

You shouldn't lie to your child's teacher.

Walking out to the car, I was fighting aforementioned lump in throat.  My middle child is in school.

Jesse, on the other hand, hopped in the Jeep with his characteristic excitement and positivity, ready to do the "FREEEEEEEEEEE-DOM!!!!!!" shout from Braveheart.

Obviously no lump there. :)  Then from the backseat, he was reminded by the coo of a tiny cherub that we aren't home free just yet. :)
Her first day was Tuesday, and she has come home every day with a huge smile on her face, stories to tell and projects to show.

And I have finally whooped the lump. :)


Anonymous said...

I don't want to be that gushing g'parent but gush gush gush. Oh my. Madeline looks beautiful and prepared for the world. I love the pictures. They're perfect!

Shelia said...

This post literally sucked the breath out of me! She suddenly looks older. So assured. So beautiful. She's growing up!

Tanya said...

I would have been crying along with you...
Such an important day 4 all(I remember
when I taught first grade, first day crying
still went on there:)). I can't believe my
nephew Jesse didn't cry.