Saturday, June 21, 2008

The babies are here!

How's this for a face that only a mother could love?!

Speaking of Mama, she is never far away, and neither is the Daddy bird, who is red. I don't know what species they are, and they always take off the moment they see me coming, so it isn't easy to get a good look. Dad? Care to take a stab at a little GA bird ID?

These little guys are turning out to be great pets. They cheep when they are hungry or thirsty (which is often,) so Baby has to run down to the garage every couple of hours to feed them and change their water. I love that, because they are so gentle and sweet that she can take care of them by herself, and she is learning a lot about the responsibility that goes with a pet. They love to swim in the pond and follow Baby thru the yard as she walks. If she gets out of sight they stand together, stretch their necks, and start cheeping for her. As soon as she comes back, they waddle right over to her. She loves them, and I think they are rather smitten with her as well.

And finally, the highlight of my day...Rooney discovered my underwear drawer and decided to create another of her famous Mermaid ensembles. She came running into my office wearing a pair of my panties this time as "seashells."

I cracked up, of course, and had to snap some pics. Then I picked her up to kiss her and tell her how cute she was, and as I did, her skirt started to fall off. She said, "MOM!! You're ruining my fin!!" She's 3. When did my baby learn to think abstractly?!


Michael said...

How exactly do you expect me to not comment on the pixs of the adorable cuties with ducks and mermaid fins and focus on the blurry bird? Having said that, as much as I would love to claim a rare sighting of a thrasher, it is probably a common House Finch. If you can get a close up, I can do better. And, no, I did not spend the last 27 minutes looking in four different bird identification books trying to find our nesting friend. What makes you ask?

Eric and Michelle said...

So cute the little ducklings. Also who has sexy undies like that?

Oldhops said...

OK I finally updated the blog.