Monday, June 30, 2008

Empty Nest Syndrome

Well, I woke this morning to find that the babies have all left the nest. Here is the most recent picture I took a couple of days ago...I couldn't believe how fast they went from newly-hatched and completely helpless to fully-feathered and ready to go.

The proud parents have been behaving strangely the last day or two - they stayed much closer to the nest than normal and we were able to get very close to them without them taking off. I wondered a couple of times if they were going to launch into the air and start pecking me to protect their nest. Maybe they are just feeling a little perkier now that they don't have 4 infants waking them up at night for feedings? Who knows. But I got some good pictures.

Okay Dad, how's THAT for a freakin' close up? This is actually one of the babies, just starting to explore her ability to jump ship. I snapped this one yesterday, and had hoped that I might be present to witness the little bugger's first attempt at flight today. But, alas, all 4 babies followed Mom and Dad into the wild blue yonder before I got up this morning. *Sigh.*

Guess I will have to go back to blogging about my obnoxious dog and adorable daughters. We have a playdate Thursday at the Lake - I will take the camera!


Eric and Michelle said...

Man that was fast. Great shots!

Beautiful Leah you are too sweet. Thank you for your prayers and well wishes. let me know if you ever think you would be interested in skin care...since you are one of those natural beauties who do not need a lick of make up.

Michael said...

Wow, great shots. Doting father or not, you are amazingly patient to acquire the pixs of the babies that close. I'm impressed. Still gonna go with the House Finch id. Red topped male and stripped belly of female make the id pretty sure. I wonder if right now the parent birds would give anything for more of those late night feedings that seemed so endless. That whole empty nest thing comes way too quickly. Enjoy the nest while it's full.