Thursday, June 05, 2008

Wild Kingdom

Okay, the last couple of weeks our lives have been very full....of critters. It has been like Noah's Ark around here, and the girls are just loving it.

First, Jesse found a baby cotton-tail bunny in the grass at the rental house. Baby fell instantly in love (the little furball *was* adorable.)

Bunny only stayed with us a couple of days, before making a run for it the first time we put him down on the grass to eat some clover. He was like a tiny furry blur. Baby was DEVASTATED. She cried and cried. :`( Our saving grace has been that there are lots of wild bunnies around here, and when we see one in the backyard we tell her that is the baby bunny's Mommy and he wanted to go home. That has made her feel much better.

Next, since Jesse has installed the Second Coming Spotlight on the frontporch, we have had bugs galore, especially moths, which the girls think are butterflies and love to catch. Check this guy out - he has been coming and going the last few days and always lands in the same spot. The girls call him the Big Green Butterfly and love to look at him through the other side of the bathroom window. Ew.Also on the porch, some birds have decided to build their nest in the wreath on the security door. This picture is about a week old, there are 5 eggs in there now. We are going to have baby birds and the girls can't wait. Every time we come or go they ask if the babies are here yet.

And finally, Jesse brought home two little baby duckies today. Basically, they are about the most adorable things I have ever seen, and this time, we are *all* in love. They follow you around when you walk and love to climb up in your lap to snuggle up and get warm. They are SO soft and OH SO CUTE!! They are quick little buggers too, you have to be careful holding them. They are just a week old, and the guy at the farm supply place said they can go in the pond when they are a month old.
We just have to name them! I think Baby has been calling them Amber and Daniel (I have no idea.) What do you guys think? Romulus and Remus? Bonnie and Clyde? Peking and A La Orange? Rubber and Lame?


Oldhops said...

Name one of them Quack and the other one Bill. Sounds like you guys live in a petting zoo. The only animals I see in my yard, Charlie chases away. He just sits on the back deck and surveys his domain. Hope you guys are doing well. If you are ever around these parts we would love to see you. Keeping you guys in my blessed.

Eric and Michelle said...

So cute Leah... we have buster (dog) and a turtle and a firebelly toad. And every spring we adopt praying mantis. :)